"I believe that the sharing and support that come through MMA are essential to each of us
 as museum professionals and to each of our institutions." 
~Sandra Clark

 Year-end Appeal

New Donor Match Goal

We did it!
40 new donors made it possible to claim the FULL MATCH. Thank you to everyone who made it possible to reach our goals!

Donation Goal

Collected: $4,785.00
Goal: $4,000.00

We have a lot in mind for 2020, so every dollar helps and lets us know that you are cheering us on! We’ve set a goal of $4,000, which is higher than we’ve ever tried before. If we reach it, we will be able to grow and take on new projects.

We are especially excited this year because one of MMA’s biggest supporters is taking a larger role in advocating for the growth of the organization. Sandra Clark, Director of the Michigan History Center, a former MMA board president and a long-time donor, has offered to donate $50 (up to $2000) for every NEW donor we get to our year-end appeal. If we get the full match AND meet our appeal goal, we will have $6000 to spend on growing MMA to better serve the Michigan museum community! 

Thank you so much to Sandra, for helping us move up to a new level at MMA, and to all of you who will join her to make that happen!

Year-end Appeal Donors

Michelle Ackerman*
Graciela Alberino-Stidham
Sanam Arab
Christina and Steve Arseneau
Barbara Barber*
Bob Beatty
Louise Stewart Beck*
Britany Benson*
Casey Blovsky*
Bree Boettner
Lisa and Steve Brisson
Julie Bunke
Stacey Burns
Loraine Campbell
Robert Causley
Tim Chester
Joe Cialdella*
Jason Dake
Amy Deeter*
Caitlyn Perry Dial
Eugene Dillenburg
Caitlin Donnelly*
Jill Eastcott*
Emily Fijol
Suzanne Fischer
Lynne Friman
Regina Gorham*
Sara Gross*
Diane Gutenkauf
Craig Hadley*
Deborah Harmon*
Amy Harris
Frances Heldt*
Mark Heppner
Phil and Penny Hill*
Riley Hubbard*
Sarah Humes*
Larry Hutchinson*
Brian Jaeschke
Samantha Johnson*
Nathan Kemler
Peggy Korsmo-Kennon*
Dan Kroupa
K.L. Latham*
Ricki Levine*
Connie Locker-VerHulst*
Jill Lynn*
Pat Majher*
Henry Matthews
Megan McAdow
Michelle McClellan
Pat McKay*
Dominick Miller
Leslie Mio
Karen Morgan
Megan Osetek
Melanie Parker
Leslie Pielack*
Lisa Plank
Wendy Pletcher*
John Porter
Phil Porter
Katie Prichard*
Ward Randol*
   In honor of Loraine Campbell
Angela Riedel
Ann Rock
Ashley Ross*
Erin Schmitz
Sara Schultz*
Ellen Sprouls
James Sturgill*
Beth Sylak
Jeffrey Taylor
Rachel Veramay*
Tobi Voigt*
Larry Wagenaar*
Cora Walby*
Mollie Watson*
Brittany Williams*
Jennifer Wood*
Ken Yarsevich

*First time year-end appeal donors = Additional $50 from Sandra Clark match!

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