February 24
-FREE Webinar: Michigan Humanities Grant Workshop
-Webinar: Digital Engagement Series #3: Ways Forward (AAMC Foundation)
-Webinar: Online Volunteer Management (NPN)

February 25
-FREE Webinar: Digital Archiving: Preserving Work, Saving Coin (CultureSource)
-FREE Webinar: Nonprofit Finance 101 (MAAA & EH)
-FREE Webinar: Documenting the COVID-19 Pandemic (MANY)
-Webinar: Lessons Learned About In-person Data Collection During the Pandemic (VSA)
-Webinar: Interview Strategies for Emerging Museum Professionals (AAM Curators Committee)

March 1-April 25
-Online Course: Leadership & Administration for History Organizations (AASLH)
-Online Course: Developing Exhibits: Planning (AASLH)

March 2
-Online Course: 
Planning and Managing Magnetic Media Preservation Projects (C2C)
-Webinar: Validating Digital Files for Preservation (NEDCC)
-FREE Webinar: Grow, Invest, Gather Grant Informational Webinar (Arts Midwest)

March 3
-Webinar Series: Fundamentals of Photograph Preservation (NEDCC)
-Webinar: Case Studies in Leadership Series: General MacArthur: Strategic Priorities with a Shrinking Budget (AMM)

March 4
-FREE Webinar: 
New Findings on Arts Advocacy: How to Talk About Public Funding (CultureSource)

March 5
-Online Workshops: Communicating the Tale & Sharing the Tale (HSM)
Virtual Programs: Tips and Tricks on the Cheap! (SMA)

March 10 
-Webinar: Incorporating Pandemic Preparedness in Institutional Emergency Plans (CCAHA)
-FREE Webinar: Challenge America Guidelines Webinar (NEA)
-FREE Webinar: 
Terribly Close: Polish Vernacular Artists Face the Holocaust (UMMSP)

March 11
-Webinar: Coping with Pests and Mold (NEDCC)
-Webinar: Project Management Basics (NPN)

March 12
-Cultural Advocacy Network Virtual Advocacy Day (CAN)

March 17-19
-Online Symposium: Deaccessioning After 2020 (Syracuse University)

March 18
-Grant Deadline: Humanities Grants (Michigan Humanities)

March 18-20
-Midwest Open Air Museums Coordinating Council Virtual Conference

March 19-20
-Virtual Conference: Historical Society of Michigan: 2021 Michigan in Perspective

March 22-April 19
-Online Course: Financial Structures and Strategy (AASLH)

March 22-May 16
-Online Course: Caring for Museum Collections (AASLH)

March 23
-Webinar: Caring for Object Collections (NEDCC)
-Webinar: Diversity in Collections Care: Many Voices (CCAHA)

March 23-24
-CCAHA Virtual Conference: Diversity in Collections Care: Many Voices

March 25
-Online Workshop: 
Historical Fa├žade Lighting: Tips, Tricks, and Lessons Learned (MHPN)

March 26
-Online Workshop: Creating Unique Museum Events and Programs (HSM)

March 31
-Webinar: Making a Four-flap Enclosure (CCAHA)

April 8-11
-National Council for History Education Virtual Conference 

April 9
-Online Workshop: Bringing History to Life: Engaging the Public with Living History

April 15-16
-Michigan Historic Preservation Network Advocacy Day  

April 16
-Online Workshop: Keeping Cemeteries Alive: Preserving and Interpreting Final Resting Places (HSM) 

April 22
-Online Workshop: 
Lighthouses, License Plates, and Grants: How the Michigan SHPO helps Protect Our Lighthouses (MHPN)

April 23
-Online Workshop: Copyright Issues for Historical Collections (HSM)

April 25-May 1
-Preservation Week

April 27
-FREE Webinar:
Personal Digital Archiving (NEDCC)

April 30

-FREE Webinar: Writing Grants for Audio Preservation and Reformatting (NEDCC)

May 3
-Grant Deadline: Arts Midwest Grow, Invest, Gather (GIG) 

May 6
-Online Workshop: A Better Way to Assess the Capacity of Our Wooden Built Heritage: Guide to the Structural Evaluation of Existing Timber Structures (MHPN)

May 7
-Online Workshop: Word of Mouth: How to Create and Share Oral Histories (HSM)

May 12-15
-Conference: Michigan Historic Preservation Network 

May 22
-Online Workshops: Finding the Lost: African-American Genealogy & Science and Genealogy (HSM)

June 4
-Online Workshop: Picking Up the Pieces: Working with a Conservator (HSM)

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