Keynote, October 6

Christian Greer
President & CEO
Michigan Science Center 

Leading change during challenging times: How do we do what's next right now?

Leading change during challenging times can be an incredibly difficult proposition even for the most experienced nonprofit leaders. Scarce resources, shifting priorities, musical chairs for staff, hurry up and wait, and budget bingo are now part of a new normal day at the office. But how do we tap the positive side of risk and take advantage of the best opportunities to innovate and shape the future even when the present seems so chaotic and unpredictable? This presentation will explore critical questions and new approaches for rebalancing our strategies and recalibrating our expectations in today’s nonprofit business environment. Special emphasis will be placed on recognizing the importance of a more inclusive and equitable future for our workforce and the communities we serve. 

Check out this video to hear from Christian. 

Christian Greer is the President and CEO of the Michigan Science Center and has nearly 30 years of experience in informal STEM education. He is the former Chief Officer of Science, Education, and Experience at the Saint Louis Science Center and the former Vice President of Learning at the Chicago Architecture Center. Christian began his career as an intern’s assistant at Adler Planetarium, in Chicago and has held leadership positions at the Denver Museum of Nature and Science, Shedd Aquarium, Project Exploration, Upward Bound, the Hive Learning Network (MacArthur Foundation), and the Chicago Public Schools Science Fair where he served as Board Chair.

Christian is a graduate of Morehouse College in Physics, has a Master Certificate in Business Administration from Tulane University, is a Northwestern University Kellogg School of Management Executive Scholar in nonprofit leadership, and is a former Chicago Community Trust Leadership Fellow. He is a certified project manager (PMP, CSM) and trainer and recently defended his dissertation successfully for a Doctorate in Learning Technologies from Pepperdine University. Christian currently serves on the Board of the Association of Science and Technology Centers (ASTC).

  Keynote, October 7

Julia Gourley Donohue
Executive Director
Krasl Art Center

Surviving Thriving into the Future

When the trifecta of crisis present themselves, how are we expected to respond and react? What is our responsibility to the community? When do we respond promptly and with urgency, and when do we take a slow strategic response? How do we balance agility and responsiveness with an eye to the future? Have you been asking yourself, "What IS my job anyway? How about now?" Are you tired, because I sure am! But that doesn't mean it's time to sit on our hands and wait for the world to re-right itself. Join me for an honest chat about prioritizing and saying "no", keeping the eye on the prize, mental health, and leadership at all levels. 

Check out this video to hear from Julia. 

Julia's museum career began while working as an evening receptionist during college. Only once did a museum visitor expect her to babysit their elementary aged child. Growing into her museum leadership career through education positions, Julia feels strongly that her ability to connect with all people is critical to her success in the job, even at the ten-year mark as an executive director. This sometimes means laying on the floor looking up at artwork with tiny people, hula hooping to lead an artist welcoming parade, and yes, donning a suit jacket to hang with that one bank president. She draws the line at golf with donors. She isn't perfect, but rest assured, she's honest. Plus, she holds an MFA in photography from Ohio University and a MSEd in Art Education University of Dayton, so that makes her qualified to pick up trash in the yard, turn off the alarm at midnight, and lead the office staff of 8 people, 4 receptionists, and the diversely opinionated board. 

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