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September 30, 2021 9:30 AM | Anonymous member
Happy State Museum Association Day everyone! What? You didn’t know there was a State Museum Association Day? There is! Today is a day to think about your state museum association (MMA, of course) and the ways that we serve the museum community in Michigan. I hope it doesn’t take you very long to think of at least one way, and I REALLY hope you can think of many ways. We are trying!

State Museum Association Day is the brain child of the Coalition for State Museum Associations (COSMA), a group that is near and dear to my heart. The organization is only a few years old and still coming into its own, but it has already become a critical support for the Michigan Museums Association and me.

Just like MMA works to help you access resources and come together with other museum people in Michigan, COSMA helps me learn things I need to know for my work and connects me with other state museum association people. COSMA hosts webinars with experts in things like fundraising, advocacy, DEAI, and member engagement. 

The most important thing that COSMA has done for me, though, is to help me get to know others working in state museum associations. Because of COSMA, I have a community of people I can look to for help, support and inspiration. They are the first people I turn to when I have something new to learn, a hard decision to make, or something to celebrate. It’s good to have a community that “gets” your work. COSMA is that to me.

So what are you doing to celebrate State Museum Association Day? After work, I am going to make myself a COSMApolitan (get it?) and then make a donation to the Coalition of State Museum Associations in gratitude for all they do for me and my favorite state museum association!

Lisa Craig Brisson
Executive Director

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