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MMA Member communities are groups of MMA members that meet virtually on a regular basis around a professional development goal. All groups use Basecamp to connect and communicate and have monthly check-ins via Zoom.

Productivity and Time Management (1st Tuesday at 10:00 am)

We come together to learn from and support each other by creating an affirming space for both sharing resources and having conversations around productivity and time management. We appreciate the diversity of perspectives that other members bring to the group, and apply what we learn from them to our own individual situations both at work and in our non-work lives.  We don't pretend to have all of the answers, but focus on improving our skills together in a fun way.

Historic House Museums (1st Tuesday at 11:00 am)

We come together to discuss issues related to the unique challenges in operating a historic house museum. We represent a variety of types and sizes of organizations from throughout the state and focus on our common experiences to help each other. We share resources, ideas, and insight, and listen to each other to provide perspective.

Disaster Preparedness and Response (1st Thursday at 1 pm)

We come together to support each other in our work with emergency preparedness and to facilitate a culture of emergency response and recovery in Michigan. We work toward tangible outcomes that can be utilized by the Michigan museum community, by providing support in the development of a formal MMA project or program that addresses emergency and disaster response through research and feedback to the project team. Our vision is of a network of trained responders in the state with access to supplies and support needed in a large-scale emergency in Michigan museums.

Diversity, Equity, Accessibility, and Inclusion (2nd Monday at 1:00 pm)

The purpose of the DEAI MMA Member Community is to challenge biases and highlight inherent privileges through awareness and discussion in order to live and work as better accomplices, advocates, and educators within our own spheres of influence. We come together to discuss, listen, and share ideas, practices, policies and methods that can be applied in our work and lives as we unlearn and relearn, and have courageous conversations.

Membership and Development (2nd Thursday at 10:00 am)

The purpose of the membership and development community is to be a group for those who have a role in membership and/or development in their institutions. Whether it is your primary focus or just one of many responsibilities, we will provide a forum to share resources, ask for advice, share tools and feedback, and discuss new ideas or trends within the field.

Exhibit Professionals (3rd Tuesday at 11:00 am)

We come together to share with one another our knowledge of design, accessibility, interpretation, and visitor experience, creating the foundation for high-quality exhibitions at our institution. We learn from one another’s challenges and wins, support each other’s projects, and tackle emerging topics and trends in exhibit work.

Volunteer-Led Museums (3rd Tuesday at 3:00 pm) 

We share information on topics that are often handled by trained museum staff in bigger museums, but are also critical to the success of all-volunteer museums with fewer resources and less training. Topics of interest may include things that have worked for us, areas of difficulty that we have experienced and hope that others may avoid, and decisions coming up on which we would like feedback.

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